Equicube Marketing Video

I wrote, storyboarded and co-directed several product videos in consultation with this company’s founder. Kudos to the volunteer riders and their horses.
(Videography: Mercury Productions)

Equicube Trade Show Video

This second video utilizes a looping format, repetition of key take-away points, and onscreen text rather than audio, for use in a trade show environment.

Equicube Tutorial Video

This third and longest video further explains product usage to customers.

Coda Bear Marketing Video

While I wrote and storyboarded this video, my work was followed more as a guide than a script, due to changes of direction at the editing stage.
(Videography: Hawthorne House Productions)

Gallops Marketing Video

I wrote and storyboarded this video, and the business owners contributed extemporaneous dialogue as well. The dogs certainly nailed their cameo at the end. (Videograhy: Brent Heise Productions)

Did you see that video?

You’ve probably heard that a lot in recent years. Consumers, businesses, and cat-wielding auteurs of all kinds have discovered, posted, or shared a seemingly infinite supply of videos online.
We can probably thank YouTube and a copious amount of leisure time for much of it.

But product videos account for a large percentage of online videos, and it’s growing fast. Surveys have found that consumers appreciate and use videos in making buying decisions, so it makes sense for businesses to consider video, especially when either selling new, expensive, or complex products.