Agency-Quality Work at Freelancer Rates.

Making work that makes sense.

Since 1995, I’ve helped clients large and small, from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits, extend their brands and better serve their customers. I learn a client’s business, bring fresh thinking to marketing strategy, and deliver quality materials on time and on budget. Specialties include:

Brand Identity and Logos
Website Design and Content Creation
Ad Concepts, Writing, and Design
Print Design (Brochures, Annual Reports, POP/POS Materials, Catalogs)
Trade Show Displays
Product Video Scripts and Storyboards

My Clients:

My clients encompass B2B, B2C, and nonprofits; in industries as diverse as information technology, apparel, manufacturing, traditional and online retail, software, food and beverage, hospitality, educational products, healthcare, publishing, construction, hardware, marketing and PR, logistics and transportation, accounting, fine and applied arts, aquaculture, recycling, printing, and associations.

If your industry isn’t on that list, I’d certainly like to add it.

About Fraser Design:

Fraser Design embraces the “virtual agency” model, which offers flexibility and cost effectiveness. If needed, I use a pool of trusted freelance professionals (such as programmers and videographers) that have proven themselves, and are a joy to work with. So there’s less overhead for clients to pay, but I’m able to scale up as necessary.

About Peter Fraser:

Until 2005, I mostly worked for larger ad agencies and marketing firms as a freelance art director and senior designer, usually with extensive project management duties. I was tapped for many national product launches, fast-turnaround creative solutions, and innumerable pieces of sales collateral. I successfully delivered thousands of projects, large and small, on time and on budget, for years. Since 2005 I have focused on what I love, which is working closely with my own clients to help them grow and prosper. It seems to be a successful approach for all concerned, for which I am thankful.

I strive to be reliably creative, dependable, organized and ethical. I honor client confidentiality, avoid conflicts of interest, and emphasize productive, long-term business relationships. You can read some testimonials here, and see further info on my LinkedIn page.

Thank you.